Korean online shopping site opens virtual shopping mall

The Korean e-commerce site CJ Mall has started a new virtual shopping mall using technology 3B International Limited’s 3B virtual worlds software:

CJ Mall’s 3D shopping zone currently sells high-end cosmetics but more goods such as clothes and digital gadgets are going to be added.

“Online shopping is convenient but most customers say online shopping lacks the fun of offline shopping because customers can’t share opinions about products with friends. All they can do is click,” said Shin Young-jin, an official of CJ Mall.

Christian Science Monitor: High-tech dressing rooms become virtual reality (April 20, 2007)

IT문화원: CJ 3D 숍의 사용자 화면과 의미 (Korean)

It will be interesting to see how long this experiment lasts, but I suspect that it won’t be very popular. The article also mentions Elord, FUBU and Adidas are also using avatar systems allow customers to try on clothes at their retail stores.

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2 comments on “Korean online shopping site opens virtual shopping mall

  1. Iam a indian presently working in South Korea. Iwant to buy a note book (operating system english version) can please email the net shopping web site and please give me mail. i canot understand korean launguage, so please give me the details

    thanking you

    • Hi Thanks for reading my Blog, Please let me find some time to be sure i give you correct information without waste of your time ,quite busy these days.

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