Korean government to set up “Global Game Hub”

Web 2.0 Asia
This is another dug-up news from the past week (the news have been slow anyway). Korean government has disclosed plan to set up the “Global Game Hub” in Bundang/Pangyo area, a “new city” to the south of Seoul. 
It seems like the Korean government has this unending love affair with the “Hub” thing. The Koreans, probably due mainly to its geographic location between China and Japan, have always been wary of being squeezed out between two 800-lb gorillas. As such, the strategy has always been to “Dutch-fy” the country (I just made up the term so don’t pay too much attention to it) – i.e. open up the country as much as possible and become the commercial/financial hub of the region, modeling after the Netherlands (another relatively small country neighboring the giants). This often looks like a lofty goal to me, especially considering how resistant the country can sometimes be to foreign culture/companies. Further, in this highly networked era, the “hub” doesn’t have to be determined by the physical location.

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