IPTV’s hurdle for globalisation

by Yunho Chung

On 12th March, ‘&TV Communications’ launched ‘Enjoy and TV’ to serve Korean Americans in the US. This was the first attempt for Korean IPTV player to provide its service outside its territory. Considering the nature of internet service, where the national boundary doesn’t exist, Korean IPTV (also an internet based service) was supposed to go to overseas market much earlier.

As a matter of fact, Korea’s leading IPTV service providers, which were backed up by their cutting edge IP technologies, have been stuck in their domestic market for the last couple of years. On the other hand, it was &TV Communications (a joint venture between less known players such as Posdata, Celrun, JEI EDU and Acanet TV) who penetrated global IPTV market for the first time. What’s the story behind it?

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