Merger of Korean Telcos May Open VoIP Heaven

Posted on Planet Size Brain

Want to be freed from paying your phone bills — forever? That would no more be a far-fetched fantasy for Koreans according to a plan by a newly merged Korean telecom giant.

The Korea Communications Commission approved Wednesday the merger of KT and KTF, its mobile service affiliate, paving the way for a host of innovative services across wired and wireless platform.

jean_384958_1674483Samsung Omnia to be reborn as a super-fast WiBro smart phone

The merged KT, with its combined annual revenue of 19 trillion won ($14 billion), is expected to introduce a variety of hybrid service packages by coupling its land line, broadband and wireless assets. However the most intriguing concept by far is a WiBro phone KT is developing with its partner Samsung.

A KT official involved in the project told a local media outlet, “KT will install WiBro component inside a Samsung smart phone to provide both 3G WCDMA and WiBro service from a single handset.”

Codenamed Wi-Omnia since it will add up WiBro connectivity on Omnia, a Samsung’s smart phone popular among Asian and European consumers, the new phone is rumored to feature a 3.3 inch LCD screen, 3 million pixel camera, Bluetooth, WiFi and Windows Mobile 6.1 edition.

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