Korea’s real name system

Via Brian in Jeollanam-do and Chris in South Korea, the Hankyoreh and Korea Times are reporting that Google has decided to force users of Youtube in Korea to use the real name system to post on the site. The Times begins with this:
South Korea is looking at more ways to impose rules on Internet users and insisted that Google should behave in order to stay here. And after months of hesitation, the search giant now appears ready to bend and bow. [… T]he company could ill-afford to go half-way in its commitment to Korea, which represents one of the most advanced Internet markets in the world.



Does that sound anything like the North Korean novel B.R. Meyers describes here?

The novel “Barrel of a Gun,” for example, released in 2003, is an official “historical” work about how Mr. Kim’s iron resolve forced the Clinton administration to its knees in 1998. “Excellency,” the American negotiator says at the end of the book, groveling shamelessly before his North Korean counterpart, “you are also a mighty superpower.”
“I like the sound of that,” the North Korean answers with a chuckle and a sharp look.

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One comment on “Korea’s real name system

  1. Shame on the South Korean government.. especially Lee Myung Bak.
    Trying to cut down freedom of speech? It’s 2009… and it’s basic rights the people should have.

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