Korean portals renew competition over map services

Posted on Futurize Korea

Korean portals are continuing their battle to increase traffic to their sites with  upgraded map services.


Daum was finally able to release their upgraded map service after a long wait with positive reviews for their street-level photos feature called “Road View”:


Since its much-anticipated debut earlier this week, Daum’s digital map services have been garnering explosive acclaim from Internet users, and company officials are euphoric after seeing the Web portal’s daily visitors more than double.

However, it remains to be seen whether Daum’s new product proves to be good to a fault, with the slew of reports about identifiable pedestrians and readable license plates suggesting that privacy concerns are real.

To try the Road View feature, you can follow this link (the Road View option will automatically be enabled). You will then see an overlay with blue lines indicating where there’s street level imaging. Then click on any of the blue lines to pop up a viewer with the street level imagery. One unique feature compared to Google’s Street View is a button that gives you a low resolution video type experience of driving down a street.

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