The Significance of Korea’s New LED Displays

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As outlined in a Korea Times story yesterday, Samsung Electronics has launched its new series of LED displays in the Korean market.  They are now available in all major world markets.  Coincidentally, my wife and I purchased a 52 inch Samsung LCD television about a month ago, and have been enjoying it immensely.  We have no buyer’s remorse since we purchased the HD TV-ready, top-of-the-line set at a competitive price and will be able to enjoy it for years.  A new LED model would have cost about $1,000 more (we paid about $2,200 for ours).  However, the new LED models are thinner….much thinner, lighter and are also 40 percent more energy efficient, while rendering colors slightly better than our new television set.  This morning, just before coming in to work, I watched live coverage of the Arnold Palmer Invitational from Florida as Tiger Woods sunk a long putt on the final hole to win.  Watching it on the 52″ LCD television was so much more fun than on our old, smaller CRT television.
As readers of this blog will know, I’m currently doing my own research on the information and communication revolution in Korea.  In the broad context of this nation’s efforts to build an information society, what is the significance of LED televisions and the display industry more generally?   I suggest the following for starters.

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One comment on “The Significance of Korea’s New LED Displays

  1. Samsung LN52A650
    WOW, what a picture!!! This TV rocks! I researched for several months to find “THE” TV, and I finally bit the bullet and bought it in January. I went from a 52″ Sony Projection to this remarkable LCD… I’m telling you, it’s like going from a Ford Pinto to a Bentley… I went to the big box stores to compare pictures, and I could easily tell that this one was the best of them all (size, price, etc.). I think it says a lot that the price has not gone down since I purchased 4 months ago. I will agree with some reviews that the sound is lacking, however, it’s not enough to keep me from regretting the purchase of this TV.. I use a home theater system anyway. Amazon was easy to purchase from and delivery was much faster than I was initially told. You WILL NOT be disappointed with this TV! Cannot wait to watch Ole Miss in HD this football season! GO REBS!

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