Korea’s leading games company to downsize its web business unit

Posted on web20asia.com

NC Soft, Korea’s leading online games company, appears to have shifted down on its Web 2.0 play through Openmanu business division. (Link in Korean). NC Soft is one of the world’s biggest online games company, most famous for its Lineage series. The company recently launched another smash-hit-ready title, AION. Openmaru is an NC Soft business division that’s been dedicated to developing new web applications, generally themed under open source and Web 2.0 spirits. Openmaru was supposed to be the seed for new business for NC Soft, it appeared: The gaming company wanted to use Openmaru as its pioneer to help extend NC’s supremacy into the general web business (especially the newly emerging Web 2.0 area), as well as the gaming industry, where it already dominated. However, sometimes one’s biggest enemy is its own success. As NC Soft’s games business continued to take off and rake in big monies, internal pressure to focus on its core games business grew on, it’s been often said around the industry. As a public company that has to post continuous quarterly growth, it would have been difficult for NC to justify the presence of a pureplay web business unless that new business was showing some healthy sign of potential revenue stream — which the business unit apparently failed to show.

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