Glorious North Korea develops cyber war unit

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Glorious North Korea develops cyber war unit

THE GLORIOUS People’s republic of North Korea is fighting to protect the Internet  – which its Dear Leader Kim Jong-il invented  – to help his workers understand the words of communism.

South Korea’s Yonhap news agency revealed that its northern neighbour has a “technology reconnaissance team” dedicated to collecting information and disrupting US and South Korean military computer networks.

The team was needed to prevent any attempts of armed aggression against Korea by the American imperialistic robber barons, who are the sworn and inveterate enemies of the Korean people.

According to these reports, North Korea has strengthened its cyber warfare unit, increasing the country’s ability to launch a computer attack on South Korea and the United States.
North Korea fears that the imperialistic USA wants to steal Dear Leader Kim Jong-il inventions just like they did his iconic iPod and Windows operating system.

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