Korea Unveils FIFTH Distinct Season: Take that, Japan! Boo-yah!

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 Unveils FIFTH  Distinct Season: Take that, Japan! Boo-yah!

After the unbearable humiliation of having no more distinct seasons than most countries in the non-equatorial/arctic world, this week, Korean engineers and meteorologists are proud to roll out the latest great innovation in Korea’s long string of proofs of our cultural superiority to Japan fu¢king everyone.

It is DokdoIsOurs’ pleasure to be the first to introduce Korea’ fifth season: after decades of intensive research, and the ruling out of “Yellow Dust Season” in spring as a legitimate fifth season, because it is too dependent on China, and those dirty, greasy-food eating bastards would probably re-forest the Gobi Desert if they realized it was helping Korea be awesomer than them.
Ladies and gentlemen, gaze in awe at the newest marvel of Korean culture and engineering: debuting on Monday November 17th, we proudly present to you, “Winter Two, Korean World Hub Of Winter”That’s right.  Korea will now have a second, colder winter, along with the regular winter that shitholes other countries like Japan have.  It will be more winter than anything they have damnit!  And we’ll ALWAYS have snow on our palace eaves, making them look more picturesque than some dumb forbidden palace in Beijing that’s too big and isn’t connected to nature and only has a piddly crappy mountain behind it for feng shui, instead of a badass mountain like Bukhansan.

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