Korea’s Free Gaming Model (Part 1/2)

Posted on koreagames.wordpress.com

Where the US has become the Mecca of basketball through its NBA super athletes, Korea’s super internet technology is making it the capital of online games.

Let’s look back down memory lane first. I remember playing Midway’s “NBA Jam” basketball game in 1993 – published by Acclaim. It was my favourite arcade sports game for two reasons; because it was fun and because school friends gathered at my place to enjoy playing against each other.
About 16 years later I’m still a big basketball fan, however school is over. While looking for an alternative to my school friends I loaded the latest basketball games on my Xbox 360 – I played both EA’s and 2K Sports’ version. They have all types of fascinating online gaming features and only lack one major thing – where are the other players? I literarily had to wait five to ten minutes to find another human player on Xbox Live.

I’m not saying the games are not popular; perhaps there are too many games and not enough players? On the other hand I’ve been playing Call of Duty and Battlefield for years, and when I went to war yesterday I saw plenty of my online buddies pinging me to join them on the field.

Perhaps it is time for all other online games to adapt to Korea’s (free to play) micro transaction business model.

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