Jang suicide probe subpoenas ahead

Jang suicide probe subpoenas ahead

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장자연People allegedly involved in the sexual exploitation of late actress Jang Ja-yeon in room salons and karaoke bars are soon to be summoned for questioning, police said yesterday.

Officer Lee Myeong-gyun reported during a press briefing that questioning times are being arranged with figures who Jang allegedly was ordered to provide with drinks and sex.

“We are planning to subpoena those who allegedly exploited the late actress at nine spots in the Gangnam area. But if we fail to prove the exploitation charges, we will only be able to question them as references by visiting them”, Lee said.

Lee also said that police will order three presidents of major local newspaper companies to present themselves at the Bundang Police Precinct for questioning. Three of them were among four people sued by Jang’s older brother on charges of sexual exploitation on March 13. Police will consider visiting them directly if they refuse to come in.

The fourth person implicated in the lawsuit is Kim Sung-hoon, the head of Jang’s former agency, The Contents Entertainment.

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One comment on “Jang suicide probe subpoenas ahead

  1. Since her suicide has once again made headlines recently, let’s hope that justice is served as well as exposing the dark and sinister side of the Korean entertainment industry that no one has a clue about. At the same time, let’s hope her death is never in vain.

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