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The original GlucoPhone technology was developed in Korea, and imported to the US by Dr. Stephen Kim in 2003.

The glucose meter component actually replaces the back of the cellphone, and software functions normally contained in traditional “bulky”glucose meters are handled by the cellular technology. The hardware isspecially designed to fit in standard commercial cell phones. Thecompany has ambitious plans to develop more models for popular, sleekconsumer phones including the Motorola Razr and the Apple iPhone, if you can believe it (see prototypes pictured — and yes, Kathi read my recent appeal to Steve Jobsfor some help “consumerizing” D-devices). HealthPia’s iPhone prototypeuses a small dongle device called the Gluco+, about the size of aquarter.

But it hasn’t been — and won’t be — easy, since a new mold must bedeveloped for each individual phone design, and HealthPia mustnegotiate certification with each cellular carrier. “The wirelesspeople don’t understand the glucose monitoring business, and theglucose monitoring people don’t understand the wireless companies,”O’Neill laments.

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