How To Easily Encrypt Email or Text Documents [Windows]

Posted on MakeUseOf

Many new computer users consider encryption too hard to use or just not worth the trouble. If you’re sending the groceries list to your husband or wife, that may be true. But consider that our society is becoming more and more prone to surveillance, either by governments or private individuals looking for financial gains. If you had to send your bank statements to your financial advisor, or medical record to the family doctor, wouldn’t you use encryption?

If you choose not to, you risk exposing some intimate aspects to a malicious person, sniffing the internet traffic at a local hub or router. The same thing happens if you use a weak password or security question for your email account.

If that information was encrypted to start with, the sniffer would receive a bunch of seemingly random bits – and even if the person knew that it was encrypted, he still wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. And the guy who guessed your password still won’t have the private/public key combination to decrypt the actual message. Personally, I would sleep better at night knowing that I took this precautions for my own safety.

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