Youtube Stands Out as No. 1 Player Here

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Youtube topped the podium in the Korean video-sharing business last month for the first time since it tapped into Asia’s fourth-largest economy in early 2008.

KoreanClick, a local online consultancy, said Sunday that Youtube carved out a 42.79-percent market share last month, up from 36.29 percent in May, in overall usage time.

It outdistanced business bellwether Pandora TV, which saw its market share dwindle from 40.75 percent in May to 34.19 percent last month.

Pandora TV maintained a comfortable lead over competitors until last year but Youtube has been undercutting the homegrown service’s dominance this year.

“Pandora TV was ahead of the pack in the number of unique visitors at 6.9 million last month versus Google’s 4.7 million,” KoreanClick chief executive Yoo Do-hyun said.

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