On Dokdo, the Liancourt Rocks, and Takeshima

Posted on chrisinsouthkorea

If you’re a new reader or have no idea what Dokdo, the Liancourt Rocks, or Takeshima are, they’re actually three names for the same pair of islands. Take a quick peek at an article I wrote last summer about the very same situation to help you get caught up, then read on.

Photo credit : Yonhap

After all this time I thought I had heard and seen the end of the Dokdo / Liancourt Rocks / Takeshima debate (hereinafter called DLRT to save my fingers some typing). Nope – from the Yonhap comes news that Japan has reaffirmed the same language regarding DLRT – that it claims DLRT as its own. Korea, of course, claims DLRT as it’s own as well. With the Korean police stationing a contigent there, and with Korean residents living there, Korea does seem to have the stronger case. Here’s hoping we don’t see any fingers being cut off in protest this time around.

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