The 5 Best Free RSS Icon Sets For Your Website

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Almost every blog on the web has a RSS feed to go along with it and those blogs (like mine) might have some trouble picking a good RSS icon for their site which they can include in posts, their blog theme or anywhere else on the site.

But, don’t worry – in this article, we’ll take a look at a few good RSS icons where you can find the right style to fit your site.

The ordinary plain RSS icon

We can start with the original RSS web icons by looking at the current set that is considered standard in most web browsers today. Originally started by the Mozilla Foundation, this set of RSS icons over at Feed Icons is probably the most basic and simple set you’ll find on the web, consisting of a few classic orange icons and a separate set of multicolored icons.

In addition to these two sets, a developer package is also available consisting of many different formats and sizes from 12×12 up to 128×128. The icons are available to download here and can be used for most purposes except for in logos, favicons and “non-open syndication formats”.

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