Kim Yu-na Selects Unusual Music for New Skating Season

%EA%B9%80%EC%97%B0%EC%95%84(5)2009 World Figure Skating Champion Kim Yu-na will skate to a “007 James Bond Medley” for the short program and George Gershwin’s “Piano Concert in F” for the free program of the new skating season that culminates in the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver in February next year. The choices are surprising considering Kim’s previous musical selections, which last year included “Danse Macabre” and “Scheherazade.”

The Bond medley, which includes music from “Thunderbolt,” “Die Another Day,” “From Russia with Love,” and “Dr. No,” is an especially unusual and exotic choice. This music has been popular with male figure skaters, most notably the 2006 World Champion Brian Joubert of France, but not so much among females, so it will be interesting to see how Kim interprets it.

Source: Protostyle.Sportstoto

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