Study Proves Benefits of Korean Fermented Paste

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The Korean fermented pastes called jang are almost the perfect protein food, according to research released in late August by Chonbuk National University’s Medical School. The research team examined the effectiveness of three Korean fermented pastes, applying the same method as the phase 3 clinical trials that are used for testing drugs. The research revealed that doenjang (soybean paste) was effective in removing visceral fat; gochujang (red pepper paste) in treating high cholesterol; and cheonggukjang (rich soybean paste) in increasing the amount of muscle and controlling diabetes.


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The research that began in May last year divided 180 obese male adults into three groups, each eating one of the three fermented pastes. They were further subdivided into two groups — one taking real fermented paste and the other fake paste. The participants took a certain amount of fermented paste every day for 12 weeks. The groups taking real fermented paste showed improved health while fake paste had no or even adverse effects on the eaters.


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