The Grand Narrative, Great Blog to follow

Never happened to promote others Blog, but this time Reading Accurately The Grand Narrative Really I’ve understand what really everybody interested in Korea and especially about Korea society must Pay attention .

Like the tagline says, The Grand Narrative is about discussing Korean sociology through gender, advertising and popular culture, and in the process has become one of the leading internet sources for information on Korean gender issues, even getting a mention in TIME Magazine recently.

Ironically, this focus was not my original intention, but with Korea having such dubious honors as: the lowest birthrate in the world; the largest wage gap between men and women in the OECD; the lowest percentage of working women in the OECD; and actresses being sued by companies they endorse for being beaten by their husbands, then what soon emerges as the virtual gender apartheid that exists here renders those topics essential to understanding Korean society.

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