Bacchus-D vs. Red Bull: The Difference

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Long before Red Bull , there was Bacchus-D.  Developed by South Korean Dong-A Pharmaceutical over 35 years ago, Bacchus-D is Korea’s #1 sold energy drink.  It’s tiny vial contains 2,000 mg of taurine, enough to give you a great boost of energy for that laboring day.


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It’s a temporary cure for fatigue, and can help before and after being sick with flu, anorexia, dystrophy, and a number of other ailments.

So, how does Bacchus compare with Red Bull?  I asked myself this question while I was studying for final exams once.  I decided to give them both a try.  No, not at the same time!  I tried Red Bull an hour just before an important math test.  Turned out I was able to concentrate like I never have before and aced that test!  It was an amazing feeling.  I was full of confidence and stamina.  Of course, I studied immensely the night before as well

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