Daul Kim:Say hi to stressful korean books.

From Daul Kim Blog

Source:Daul Blog

 i get very stressed reading CHO SE HEE’s

“A Ball Shot by a Midget”

i read this when i was in grade 5 and got VERY stressed.

and i was talking about this with my boyfriend

and we were like….gosh this book is the most

amazing korean novel …very politicial and very very …amazing

the book is based in 1970’s korea, where we just finished war and

we went through a phase of poverty, culture shocks, communism VS capitalism,

american soliders bullying koreans, new rising bourgeois class who bought all the

land for shit little money from lying and stealing from the poor,

and got into real estates (they are still most the bourgeois of seoul.)

massive changes, dictatorship….new ideals, confusion

hate towards rich has developed since then i think, cos in korea our

modern history is very short


although our history is very long (i think about 4500 years…)

our modern history is so short, and there was a massive change.

i even remember when i was born, south korea was kind of thrid world country,

and when i was in school we were “developing country” and now we are a

“developed country”. massive fast changes took place, and i get so stressed

reading this book, cos i know this was in the 70’s but the stories still

apply to our modern histroy .

IF YOU ARE A KOREAN KID i think you should really stop watching haha hee hee

comedy show programs on TV and stop idolizing young idol boy bands and

start READING.

stop getting numb from getting swept by the media and make your own decisions

stop looking at the advertisements where they say “you are the one”

you are not the one.


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