Sam’s Blog-10 Things I Hate About Korea

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As any insightful person should be able to tell, I love Korea and the Korean people deeply. I have a good life here, and Koreans have been very good to me. The positives of living here far outweigh the negatives, so don’t read too much into what I’m about to say.

This post been inspired by me having my Christmas plans ruined by my disorganised inconsiderate school, which has put me in a foul mood, and has meant that certain little things about this place are really annoying me at the moment.

A lot of them are specific to Seoul, but to me Seoul is Korea, as I haven’t lived anywhere else.

“Made from 100% Quality Korean Genes”

Also, when I state that “Koreans are…” I understand that I am making a generalisation, and that generalisations are always bad. If you want to argue with me, argue with what I am saying and prove me wrong, don’t pull me up because I don’t have time to qualify every statement that I make.

The only reason I am making these comments at all is that the last time I ranted and raved, in an email I never should have sent, about a particular country I unintentionally offended a lot of people who I care about and disrespected their hospitality. That was not my intention then, nor it it my intention now.

If you are a Korean reading this, please understand that I think Korea is a great country, and that this is just me letting off some steam.

In no particular order:

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