Is Korea Mecca of Cosmetic Surgery?

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One of the strangest things observant foreigners notice in Korea is how beautiful the movie and TV actresses are.

Indeed, the femme fatales in the movies and television dramas are so strikingly formed and celestially flawless in their features that one is easily convinced, just on the basis of what one sees in these media, that Korean women are the most beautifully blessed females on Earth.


Then the foreigner becomes somewhat puzzled by the fact that he almost never sees such heavenly beauties anywhere else in Korea. The females we encounter on the street, on the subway, or anywhere else in Korea, are so remarkably un-celestial, so ordinary looking, that we almost conclude that Korea has two completely different kinds of females: One incredibly beautiful and the other incredibly plain. The difference is so great that we almost wonder if Providence is involved in this unfair division among Korean females.

Sooner or later, perhaps sooner than later, foreign visitors discover the Providence they are thinking about is really a human agent called plastic surgery.

A recent report in The Korea Times was headlined: “30 Percent of College Students Seek Cosmetic Surgery.” I am not sure what this percentage really means, as this beautification game is known to have spread to the lowly ranks of society, like waitresses and cashiers, and even to men.

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