The Real-time Web? Been There, Done That

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…………………………………………………..Clive Thompson, a columnist for WIRED magazine has recently shown his excitement about how the real-time Web is leaving Google behind.  But I’d say that Koreans had been there, done that and do not have much good to share with others.

From its early days in 1990s, the Korean Web has been the Web of immediacy, an ideal space for the restless young Koreans searching for an instant gratification with the help of their online peers. Naver, Daum and other key portals in Korea fostered the such trends by combining news and search box in their main page and soon growing as a single destination for the national conversation. Lastly, they topped them off with a display of the real-time beat of hot search keywords, maintaining them as one of the most prominent features for years, as it was the useful index for users to follow the hot conversation of the day. Naver has even released an iPhone app of its hot keyword service.

Funny thing is, many news media, hyper-sensitive about incoming search traffic from portals, has dutifully followed the hot search keywords up to the minute, generating relevant articles that include those keywords, and thus attracting bulk search traffic. Sometimes even news sites that pursue the quality journalism jumped on the bandwagon of keyword hunting, defending their action that the very fact Netizens are buzzing about some issues is good enough to warrant some follow-up stories.

It was a vicious cycle in the Web of immediacy, as the portal’s news content galvanized users to conduct a series of spontaneous online searches around the day’s hot keywords. And that in turn triggered news media to generate more articles about the issues, resulting in the growing dominance of the real-time Web among Koreans.

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