All about Daum’s “road view” (kind of like Google Street View)

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This service was released in January of this year and I don’t think it’s gotten the fanfare it deserves. Daum is kind of comparable to Microsoft in that it was first on the scene when the internet first became well-known in the 90s, and for a while it was the site to go to. It was eventually replaced by Naver as the number one search engine and portal. This time though they’ve beaten their competitors to the punch by investing a ton of money to drive around Seoul and Gyeonggi-do (the province surrounding the capital city) and create their version of Street View, which they call Road View (로드뷰). Here’s what it looks like:

This is an intersection by COEX (an international convention centre) and a temple known as Bongeun-sa, where all the friendly cats are. The interface is all in Korean though so I’ll explain how to use it (it’s almost the same).

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