Why do Koreans eat dog meat?

Posted on prkorea.com
For many period times, Koreans have eaten Bosintang as a priceless invigorating soup. Some foreigners expressed awful feelings about eating doggy meat. But have you ever thought the reason why Koreans have eaten dog meat?
You may ask that Koreans can have beef or pork. But it couldn’t be accepted for Koreans to have beef or pork to get high proteins before Korea became modernized country. Cows provided much labors for farming and pigs were valuable properties for most Koreans. Therefore it was very hard to have pork or beef meats for common people. Only rich and royals had meats for only few days per a year.
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4 comments on “Why do Koreans eat dog meat?

  1. hmmm. I Europe some people eat horses. But people likes that. ….we are better…than thoses gugs..so it has become a question about what different cultures eat ????. American people are the meanest and the most ignorant “white” people. They claim to ” white ” but they are just a mixed of who knows. So according to ” people ” in USA :

    Frog eater, French people. Spagehetti niggers, Italien people. ????


    • Thanks for your Comment, if you read at the end of post there is;
      ( I want to ask you to understand the culture before you have any prejudice about eating dog meat culture in Korea.)
      And I agree with you
      ps Im not American

  2. Native American Indians and Pilgrims also eat dogs too. Eating dog culture came from China. So don’t just say its Korean phenomena. Its not. China, USA, Europe, South America, South East Asia also eat dogs.

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