The Destruction of Kahoi Dong

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The Destruction of Kahoi Dong – 가회동의 영혼을 더럽히다. 

Seoul’s last district of traditional homes was destroyed with government support .

국민의 세금으로 서울에 마지막 남은 조선 600년의 서민의 삶의 현장인 가회동 한옥마을이

Source : cafe.naver

After six hundred years at the heart of Korean cultural and social life, Seoul’s Kahoi Dong district, “the place where beauty gathers,” is being relentlessly destroyed. Kahoi Dong is the last district in Seoul where there are whole streets of Hanoks, preserving the ambience of Seoul a century ago. These old homes are now being bulldozed to be replaced by two storey buildings built mainly of concrete and decorated with a topping of traditional-style architecture.

Kahoi-Dong is also part of Bukchon, “The Northen Village,” a small area that lies between between two former royal palaces, both also fine examples of wooden architecture, the Kyongbok Palace or “Palace of Shining Happiness” and the Ch’angdok Palace or “Palace of Illustrious Virtue” (the latter was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997).

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