Samsung E6 and E101 WiFi/Bluetooth ebook readers

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Samsung have announced their first entries into the burgeoning ebook market, and as you’d expect they’re not doing anything by halves.  The Samsung E6 has a 6-inch E Ink display and the Samsung E101 has a larger 10-inch display; both have touchscreens that respond to a dedicated stylus, WiFi b/g and Bluetooth 2.0 for wireless downloads and exchanging content.

Samsung E101 E6 ereaders 540x405

Meanwhile Samsung have also partnered with Google for ebook content for the two devices, presumably for the large part using the search giant’s huge repository of out-of-copyright Google Books titles.  As for the form-factor, each ebook reader has a slide-down control panel which reveals navigation and menu controls together with stereo speakers.

Samsung are estimating up to two weeks use from a single battery charge, though we’d guess that’s with wireless shut off.  Both new ebook readers are expected to arrive on the market in early 2010, priced at $399 for the Samsung E6 and a whopping $699 for the Samsung E101.

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