Samsung Electronics, first developed in 1988 … Weight 700g

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South Korea 22 years ago created the first mobile phone companies look to modern eyes the ‘phone’ refers to the degree was such a terrible imposition. First developed in 1988 by Samsung Electronics ‘SH-100’ “that the phone more than twice the length of days was 20 ㎝, six times the weight was close to 0.7 ㎏. For on one hand how bad deda 82 hwicheonghal thickness (4.6 ㎝) to do Given ‘Fridge Phone’ is a nickname occurred. ‘Phone’, the most ‘Motorola’ (the U.S. phone company) back in the day then he could only listen to domestic phone companies that have made this fact alone they were proud of. September 1988 Seoul Olympic newcomer to this product, was sold to the public in May next year.

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