iPad to Enter South Korean Market in March 2010

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Posted on  news.mk

iPad, Apple`s tablet computer, is to be launched in South Korea in March 2010 at earliest.

Wi-Fi version of iPad will be released in the global market including the U.S. in March 2010, according to Apple Inc. on January 28. iPad with 3G and Wi-Fi will be unveiled in the U.S. market through AT&T in March 2010 while other markets including South Korea will determine a release date after consulting with local carriers.

Accordingly, Apple is highly likely to launch iPad with 3G and Wi-Fi in South Korea at March-end thanks to its open market with minimal restriction which requires no more than getting electric safety approval before its launch.

The only catch is that Korean is not included in iPad’s supporting languages namely English, French, German and Japanese.

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The main distributer of Wi-Fi version of iPad in the U.S. is Apple Store which means Apple will not be seeking partnership with a local carrier in entering overseas markets.


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