Global IT Innovation Led by Twitter and IPhone

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At one lecture room of the “Web 2.0 Expo” took place on November 16 at the Javit Center in Manhattan, New York, a whopping 60 percent of 200 participants were holding a smartphone on their hands.

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Those smartphone users were searching lecturers’ profile or relevant data via their phone, and some participants were posting instant replies on lecturers’ remarks through Twitter installed on their handset.

Such rapid-fire responses flashed upon a roll screen in front of a lecture room without any filtering. Speakers fine-tuned their lecture contents by checking opinions updated in real-time on Twitter. Above examples best demonstrate how smartphone and Twitter — newly emerged IT weapons — maximize “interactivity” of lectures.

The search giant Google has recently unveiled its innovative services such as “Google Goggle” that defies stereotypes on conventional search. It is a new search feature where users can view information on a handset via submitting images of subject taken by a phone camera.

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