Introducing ‘Manhwa’: The World of Korean Comics

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‘Manhwa’: The World of Korean Comics

Comics in eastern Asia are a more than just a form of popular entertainment. “漫畵”(read MANGA in Japan, MAN-HUO in China, and MANHWA in Korea) is a part of the cultural life itself. They take the forms of dramatic entertainment, power fantasies, poetic beauties, effective information carriers and everything else you could imagine. If the first major (pleasant) cultural shock struck you in the form of “Manga”, then be prepared: There are more upcoming. Let me introduce you to the next big blow: Korean comics are on the way!

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Korean comics are goldmines of old masters and young talents, waiting to be discovered. Influenced by the modern comics from the rest of the world and the traditional narrative drawings, they have created their own unique identitities. The Korean society itself has this dynamic passion and power that can’t be easily found elsewhere in the world(remember the red crowd in 2002 Soccer World Cup?) – and naturally, such energy is a essential part in comics as well. In fact, Korea has been going through a quite passionate and dramatic history in this century; The struggle against Japanese colonialism and the military intervention of USA, the Korean War and the mass revolt to overthrow the dictator, the military coup in the following year, the movement for democracy and the massacre of Gwangju, military dictatorship and the democratic resistance. And all along, Korean comics have accompanied, entertained and brought hope to the people. They are full of dramatic energy, and have developed a wide variety of genres, themes, styles, and ways of reading comics.


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