Learning Korean through web cartoons

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Are you interested in learning Korean and do you also like to read web cartoons?

Then here I recommend you to read Korean web toons. Like as Korean TV dramas, and movies, you can find the recent common Korean words in the web toons. Moreover, there are a lot of cartoon series in Korean potal website NAVER, DAUM, PARAN and etc, so you can easily find the one you want to read.

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You may think Japanese animation when you hear the words ‘cartoon’ and ‘animation’. Yeah, It is absolutley true that Japanese animations are really well knowned and they have really good quality. However you may not know that many Korean cartoon drawers have been supporting the hackworks of many Japanese animations. They even worked for the western well-knowned animations like ‘Batman’, ‘Disney animation series’, and etc. Through the hackworks, I think the Korean drawers can develop their drawing skills a lot, so you may surprised to see the great quality.

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