Couples in Korea

Ok, not being in a relationship and feeling a bit “different”  in this country … this was something that I noticed the first days being in Seoul.

Everybody seems to have a relationship?

Couples everywhere xD Back in the Netherlands you wouldn’t see that as much as you do over here.
Couples holding hands, taking pictures, giggling, cuddling … you know what I mean… Sometimes you just can’t take it, lol. Especially when I was with a few people at Namsan Tower which is a spot where a lot of couples go because of the romantic ambiance and the opportunity to have a locker hung up a wall with a message on it.
Oh my … the amount of couples is crazy.
But yea what can I do about it, I can act like a loser blogging about this (HA) but I envy them … I’m happy for those people. Of course I asked about this phenomena in Korea and one of the answers I got was the fact that Koreans need people around them. They just ‘need’  someone.

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