Naver’s Kids

Naver’s Kids

Jr.Naver is the largest children’s portal in Korea, with 4 million
subscribers and 1.3 million unique visitors per day. It offers spe-
cialized educational content for children, such as Homework
Helper, which was restructured to comply with the school curricu-
lum, and Preschool, which makes learning fun for preschool chil-
dren. Jr.Naver also offers a variety of content for children to use
with their parents, such as Children’s Song World, Fairy Tale
Travel, and Parents’ Room, as well as entertainment services like
Animal Farm and Game Land.

Source NhnCorp 
  Junior Naver
Naver portal for kids, search, cafes, book learning and gaming, such as parents provide guidance. 
  Junior Naver Animal Farm
Virtual animals to raise, farm, decorating, item store, point games, animals, schools, and provides kukingsyap. 
  Junior Naver panirum
Children Myspace, ahyitemsyap, point games, including Fannie service story. 
 Junior Naver Music Box
The latest music video, singer, dictionaries, singers, quizzes, provides cartoon. 
  Junior Naver Avatar Land
Jyunibeo ahbatasyap, avatar, show off, the album boasts, Avatars and more. 
  Junior Naver dinosaur country
Dinosaur types and characteristics, habitat, dinosaur encyclopedia, provides images and information. 

The Junior Naver gabenol
Gabenol educational services, Kabe introduction, configuration and characteristics of play, learning videos and more. 
 Junior Naver shake the world
Toddlers, nursery, learning, listening and providing thematic shake, shake offering creative guidance and more. 

World Junior Naver children
Hangul, English, math, art, creativity, games, development, test provide a test. 
 Junior Naver fairy tale journey
Classic fairy tales, fairy tales, original fairy tales, Aesop’s fables, fairy tales provide unusual.


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