Online game obsession in Korea brings deaths and murder

Online gaming is huge in Korea. And online gaming addiction is becoming a serious problem, especially lately. People have died and killed in Korea for their online game obsession.

Consider this: the parents of a three-month old daughter were so obsessed with an online role-playing game that they neglected their little one until she starved to death.

If you like your humour black, in this case to the extreme, than you might be especially interested to know that the game they were so possessed with involved raising a girl and looking after her from birth. You really can’t make this stuff up — it would be too sensational.

The parents, both jobless, played the game — called Prius online — for 12 hours a day at a PC bang (pronounced ‘bong’, they are 24-hour computer and internet cafe’s or salons that are all over Korea), only returning once a day to feed powdered milk to their daughter (who was born prematurely). The father was 41 years old, the mother twenty-five. They met each other online.

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