Late night beer sodas and ice cream sell like hot cakes

Evidently, many Koreans lack air conditioners, just the thing to fight the summer heat and prevent personal death. But even without the modern convenience for many, Koreans on average use nearly twice as much electricity per unit of GDP compared to the average among OECD nations. Korea’s low efficiency in the industrial sector as well as it’s cheap electricity prices as a result of well developed nuclear and hydro power are to blame, say reports. The government’s below cost price controls on electricity also push the consumer demand curve out as well, no doubt.

When cool compressed air is not an option, then a cold refreshment may be the next best thing. With humid, suffocating temperatures hitting the mid-90s (Fahrenheit), Koreans are foraging for something cold and refreshing late at night and ringing up beer, soda and ice cream sales, say reports.

“Retail sales late at night have soared dramatically this summer due to sweltering weather,” said Chosun Ilbo. “Sales of beer, soda and ice cream skyrocketed, and the heat also sent more people to shop for other things at night.

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