Lotte Hits Below Belt to Score Instant Success

Lotte Hits Below Belt to Score Instant Success

At first, soju makers were careful to go light with their alcohol content. But after gradually dieting the domestic hard liquor way below the 20-percent level, companies are now willing to lighten up even more to qualify for airtime.

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Current broadcasting law bans commercials for beverages with an alcohol content higher than 17 percent from being aired by the three main terrestrial broadcasters, so the most obvious solution for liquor makers is to hit just below the legal limit.

Leading the way, Lotte Liquor BG is showing how the strategic positioning is done.

The country’s second-largest manufacturer of distilled and colorless liquor is in the final stages of rolling out its latest and lightest version of Cheoumcheorum, a popular soju brand. And its alcohol content, according to industry sources, is optimized at 16.8 percent.

This is the least amount of alcohol content any of the country’s top soju brands currently carry. The market’s No. 1 player Jinro’s J contains 18.5 percent alcohol.

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