Smartphone war set to rage in Korea


Competition in the domestic smartphone sector is poised to heat up in the second half as handset makers are rolling out new models to take the leadership position in one of the world’s fastest growing markets.

Apple’s iPhone 4 is scheduled to be launched in September with pre-orders starting Wednesday. Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics plan to release their latest gadgets to challenge Apple’s dominance in their home turf.

iPhone, which has brought a smartphone boom in Korea last year, faces increasing competition from phones based on Google’s Android and Microsoft Windows.

Apple has successfully penetrated the Korean market with sales of its iconic iPhone topping 850,000 since its debut here in November, according to the industry.

While the release of iPhone 4 has been delayed, its domestic rivals have been catching up fast by revamping their product lineup.

KT Corp., Apple’s exclusive distributor, expects the new iPhone to regain ground when as its new iPhone 4 goes on sale in September.

Since the record-setting debut of iPhone 4 in the global market, customers have been longing for its domestic release, which was initially planned for last month but postponed for approval and some local compatibility tests.

Apple obtained the Korean government’s approval early this month for its domestic release.

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