LG to unveil 1st ‘smart’ TV

By Kim Yoo-chul

LONDON _ Korean technology giant LG Electronics plans to release its first “smart’’ television, equipped with its “NetCast 2.0’’ for Web-connected televisions, at the upcoming IFA trade fair in Berlin.

LG, the world’s second-largest manufacturer of flat-screen televisions behind Samsung Electronics, claims to be providing an “all-in-one’’ device for its data-handling television, it hopes will provide competition to similar products planned by Apple and Google as well as its Korean archrival.

Television heavyweights like Samsung and LG are vowing to acquire the lion’s share in smart televisions, which along with three dimensional (3D)-enabled flat screens, is the buzzword in consumer electronics.

However, the television makers lack in areas such as software capability and content delivery compared to Apple and Google, which have acquired massive developers’ networks through their content platforms for smartphones that they hope could trickle down to the foundations for their nascent televisions business.

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