Smart TV competition heats up market

Smart TV competition heats up market

Competition over smart TV is intensifying as technology giants are set to unveil their new devices at a major electronics show in Germany next month.

Smart TV is a cross-functional device that incorporates television and the Web, offering TV applications and other interactive Internet services such as online shopping, games and Internet phone calls.

Google and Samsung Electronics are currently leading the market with LG Electronics following the two firms.

Google reportedly met with executives from big television networks in the U.S., such as ABC, NBC and Fox to convince them to give it rights to the networks’ content recently. The request was made so that the Google TV viewers could have a more productive search.

However, the network executives hesitated to accept, citing the potential to lose control of their content via online video clips and pirated videos.

Google, partnering with Sony and Logitech for the smart TV platform, plans to feature its Google TV for European consumers and experts at the IFA Consumer Electronics Unlimited which takes place Sept. 3-8.

Samsung Electronics, the world’s No. 2 handset manufacturer, will also display its new smart TV operating on its own individual platform at the global event held in Berlin, Germany.

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