Capcom Mobile Releases Mr. Bill Game for iPhone and iPod touch

Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, has released an iPhone and iPod touch game based on the iconic late night character, Mr. Bill. Players attempt to guide the accident-prone clay character through a series of disaster-filled jobs run by his nemesis Sluggo.

Trying out as a human cannonball for Sluggo Big-Time Circus, you’ll launch Mr. Bill through two hazardous occupations and dozens of fun-filled levels. After being shot from the cannon, players control Mr. Bill’s altitude by tapping the screen, causing Mr. Bill to flap his arms. Your goal is to help him stay aloft until he reaches his destination by bouncing off trampolines, dangling from balloons and getting shot into the air by trained seals while avoiding all manner of treacherous obstacles.

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