‘Chic Pyongyang girl’ calling with cellphone

‘Chic Pyongyang girl’ calling with cellphone

A chic North Korean girl has been spotted using a cellphone in a Pyongyang park.

The photo that a Russian tourist took at Moran Park in downtown Pyongyang in August has been disclosed on the Radio Free Asia (RFA) website via Curtis Melvin of the United States.

The girl also wears glasses with pink frames and a necklace, and is holding another cellphone in her right hand. She has a watch around her left wrist, a badge on her chest, and has a blue fan.

On the cellphone is written “Pyongyang” in Korean, along with “koryolink,” the name of the wireless phone service provider. Several functions of the cellphone are seen in Korean along with the English alphabet.

Melvin is reported to have said that the costume does not seem to be one typically seen in Pyongyang.

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