Hans Shlepkopper Is Technoviking?

Hans Shlepkopper Is Technoviking?

Thanks to  thewhitedragon.net

Source : Here

I’ve searched around quite a bit trying to find out this guy’s name. It appears that the internet hasn’t quite caught on. In fact if you search for his name you only get one result on youtube. I cannot completely confirm that this is truly his name. However my research has led me to believe that his name really is Hans Shlepkopper. Apparently he is a storekeeper as well, and I throughly plan on visiting his shop someday. If anybody else knows ANYTHING about this guy, let me know!

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7 comments on “Hans Shlepkopper Is Technoviking?

  1. If you do please get a face pic of him, I want to do up a Facegen character of him and the youtube video really isn’t that great a quality for it 🙂

  2. It cannot be Keith Jardine, dumbasses. Techno Viking speaks in German when he yells at the drugged up guy. He is clearly from Germany. Keith is clearly from United States. I’m gonna go with the Hans one.. Hope we find out one day! Apparently he really hates this video!

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