The School Lunch

Thanks to Thirtheen (13)

I’m been meaning do a post about school lunches for 10 months now.  I think between being embarrassed to take pictures in front of my teachers, the school administration, my VP, principal and not wanting to explain myself I’ve put this little project off for a long time.

Lunches always consist of rice, soup, (various types of) kimchi, and two side dishes.  Water is available but its usually consumed after lunch.  If its yummy treat day (!) we’ll have a side of fruit or a packet of seasoned laver to pair with our rice as well.   We usually have different types of rices.  Often its a color, green, yellow, red, purple, or cooked with red beans, chestnuts or sweet potatoes or its mixed with veggies typically carrots, par-boiled spinach and bean sprouts and sometimes we have fried rice.  The fried rice is always the wild card, last time it had carrot, egg, the brown root veggie and octopus.

Todays lunch was not the greatest.
Plain white rice
Fish-tofu-green leaf-bean sprout soup boiled with go-chu-jang.
Go-chi-jang is the very popular chili paste used is almost every dish.


Side dishes!
Kimchi and veggies in kimchi sauce.

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