Twitter is about to launch a Korean service

It seems the Twit Korean is not very far away. The Hankyung newspaper’s IT journalist and a prolific Twitterer @kwang82 tweeted today that, “Twitter is about to launch a Korean service” and noticed that Evan Williams, Twitter’s co-founder, is planning to visit Seoul for a press conference tomorrow. His invitation card reads ‘Twitter Loves Korea’.

Twitter is only available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese, prompting some Korean twitterers touse Twitkr or Twit bird. As Blogger Ajenneja pointed out some of Twitter’s major functions, such as the hashtag, do not work properly in the Korean language and the Twit search gives terrible results when searched in Korean words longer than three syllables.

The exact purpose of the press conference is unknown but considering the recent changes in Twitter’s help desk, it’s more or less certain that Twitter in Korean is about to be realized. @Barunsori6 tweeted under the title [good news for fellow Twitterers not fluent in English] that Tweeter’s help center is now available in Korean, which was roundly welcomed with such comments as ‘Yay, finally! I can complain in Korean.’

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