Blogger’s Phone Review Deleted by Samsung  Lee Yoo Eun

In South Korea, an influential blogger’s negative review of a Samsung smartphone has been taken down due to pressure from the manufacturer. Internet users have harshly criticised the nation’s biggest conglomerate, Samsung Electronics and Naver, the nation’s biggest web portal, for censoring the blogger.

Hahm Young Min is an influential IT blogger who has several thousand daily readers on his blog, Hahm Young Min’s DicaGallery. Hahm posted a review of Samsung’s newly released smartphone, Galaxy S2 on April 2, 2011, entitled “Nine shortcomings of the Unusable Galaxy2S of Samsung”.

Screenshot of Hahm’s removed post.

“Temporarily suspended”

Several days later, the original post was nowhere to be seen. In its place, was this message from the blog host Naver: “This post has been temporarily suspended due to reader requests. The decision was taken in accordance with Korea Telecommunication Law, Article 44 Clause 2.”

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