KBS, MBC release list of 36 banned entertainers

Posted on Donga.com

The National Assembly’s Committee on Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting and Communications released Tuesday a list of 36 entertainers prohibited from appearing on the TV broadcast networks KBS and MBC.

According to a report submitted to parliament obtained by main opposition Democratic Party Rep. Kim Jae-yun, a member of the committee, KBS and MBC banned 23 and 31 entertainers, respectively, from appearing in its TV shows.

Among the banned entertainers, 18 were banned by both broadcasters including singer and TV personalities MC Mong, Lee Seong-jin and Shin Jeong-hwan, TV show host Kang Byung-gyu, actors Lee Gyeong-yeong and Ju Ji-hoon, and singer Lee Sang-min.

Narcotics use was the most common reason for imposing the ban on 12 entertainers. Eight were banned because they appeared on TV shows naked, three for economic crimes such as stock price manipulation and embezzlement, two for drunk driving or hit-and-run, and two for theft.



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