Real Time Search – Online Shop review n°1 in Korea

Why On line Store Review ranked No 1 ????

Another one of the faceless Internet star was born. A hero with an open market reviews posted on the underwear are female. The woman, the last on July 30 “John is the reviews – I love it. ‘Bought in open market, with the subject wearing underwear directly to a picture posted torrent.

Mirror in the photograph taken with camera phones with the protagonist’s face is invisible. However, from the knee lips wikkaji almost the whole body is exposed as a leading figure. This photo from the Internet explosion in the pictures that are gaining popularity because of the slender body and bustin ‘because the main character.

Reviews written by this woman in the ‘picture is embarrassing, but … look up. Those that have gateusin gataeseo maneusilkkeo. I’m 75 C … A look underwear Cup / B Cup yippeunge many. … Ssagilrae be just watching the expression’m a 80 B ordered hadaga holder only got that right … “he says.

Your underwear is excited about the enthusiasm of reviewers using a hot day by day more. Reviews of the women 10 days 10:30 a.m. currently make up 43 hits and nearly 500,000 have passed over it. Referrals reaches 223 times.

Your so-called sense of place, you have to see to stop and have a mix of the sexual code ‘pilgrimage’ to the jargon used underwear electronics equipment has come down in the latter comment baptism. Some netizens, “I picture a real bras looks smaller. Tighty 80 B What if a small breast size How much is enough” was often the questions raised.

Torrent pictures in their underwear for women, review the attached shopping mall planned by the highly sexy underwear claim that there are marketing strategies. But with this woman lingerie store comment by side ‘in the latter thanks. You’re gonna send you a gift “said independent indirectly proved that. Your underwear is another problem of the mall, underwear model number of your pictures looked similar to the female models were not argue, instead of saying he’s innocent.

Gimchanghwan adult content experts said, “so-called ‘maketgeol’ photo of a woman called to turn off the explosive popularity of the reason a good deal in the end a highly selected,” said “in his underwear lingerie store sexy pictures of people in their grasp, they certainly draw attention not illegal, but the excessive marketing and product purchases, regardless of sexy sexy hunters, but Internet users are already required restraint, “he said.

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